Super Smash Quest - Season 2 (Early) - System - Bashing Weapons

Bashing Weapons

Bashing weapons include everything from maces to hammers, all the way up to mauls. As the name of this category would suggest, bashers are meant specifically for clubbing enemies around. They are the biggest, most damaging weapons in existence, but their power comes at a price-they are also the HEAVIEST. Also, they, like slashing weapons, deal a special type of damage. They are highly ineffective against the blobs and gels that swords cut through with ease, but can pound dents into an armored foe faster than you can say "OW! I DROPPED IT ON MY FOOT!" Also, they are great for subduing foes, and just might stun them on a smash attack, but be careful, because if you miss a smash with a basher, it will take one action next turn to get it ready to use again.

Special Properties
Property Description
Starter Weapon Begin with this weapon.
Heavy -1 Penalty to all attacks due to weight. Penalty stacks when dual wielding.
Very Heavy -2 penalty to all attacks due to weight.
Extremely Heavy -3 penalty to all attacks due to weight.


As strong as Titanium, but lighter! +2 weight bonus. Does not stack when dual weilding.
Two Handed Requires use of both hands; cannot use other items when drawn. Cannot dual wield, cannot make double-edged. -1 in number of attacks in a combo. Requires a STR of 6 or higher to use.
Light +2 bonus to all attacks due to weight. Negated when dual wielding.
Double Edged (by request) Doubles the damage roll (ex: d5 becomes 2d5). -5 penalty to all attacks due to difficulty of handling. Anything bigger than a light weapon with a -1 dual wielding penalty requires the use of both hands.
Dual Wielded Requires use of both hands. Doubles the damage roll (ex: d5 becomes 2d5). -5 penalty to attacks due to difficulty. Cannot dual wield Very Heavy or Two Handed weapons.
Dual Wielding Penalty Some light weapons are heavier than others, and thus, more difficult to use when fighting with two at once.

Bashing Weapons
Weapon Name Damage Special Properties Price
Board with a nail in it


Starter Weapon


Iron Light Mace +d6 None 300
Steel Light Mace +d9 None 700
Titanium Light Mace +d13 None 1100
Mythril Light Mace +d13 Mythril 2200
Adamantium Light Mace +d16 None 2200
Iron Heavy Mace +d7 Heavy 350
Steel Heavy Mace +d10 Heavy 750
Titanium Heavy Mace +d14 Heavy 1150
Mythril Heavy Mace +d14 Mythril, Heavy 2300
Adamantium Heavy Mace +d17 Heavy 2300
Iron Morningstar +d8 Very Heavy 400
Steel Morningstar +d11 Very Heavy 800
Titanium Morningstar +d15 Very Heavy 1200
Mythril Morningstar +d15 Mythril, Very Heavy 2400
Adamantium Morningstar +d18 Very Heavy 2400
Iron Warhammer +d9 Extremely Heavy 450
Steel Warhammer +d12 Extremely Heavy 850
Titanium Warhammer +d16 Extremely Heavy 1250
Mythril Warhammer +d16 Mythril, Extremely Heavy 2500
Adamantium Warhammer +d19 Extremely Heavy 2500
Iron Maul +d11 Very Heavy, Two Handed 500
Steel Maul +d14 Very Heavy, Two Handed 900
Titanium Maul +d18 Very Heavy, Two Handed 1300
Mythril Maul +d18 Mythril, Very Heavy, Two Handed 2600
Adamantium Maul +d20 Very Heavy, Two Handed 2600