Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Base Attributes
  3. Perks
  4. Attacks
  5. Weapons
  6. Armor
  7. Equipment
  8. Items
  9. Allies/Pets
  10. Vehicles


About the Game

This game is a game about lasers, explosions, and craziness. It's science fiction with magic welded on at the sides. No holds are barred and total constant explosions is not only normal, but expected. The plot is so confusing and bizarre that attempts to fully understand it drive grown men insane, but not to worry--it's not needed to get down to the blasting. Leveraging this custom dice-based system, Super Smash Quest portrays nonstop exploding techno action. If this is something you like, then read on. Otherwise... well, nobody will blame you for staying away. It's not everyone's cup of tea, after all.

The Plot

CONFRONTATION is a game of intrigue and chaos. It is a strange world, or worlds. The twin worlds of Alsa and Nintendus vie for control of the universe, as their respective heroes wish to remake or preserve it as it is, respectively. The QUESTERS, defenders of Nintendus, serve the enigmatic and often-insane XAVIER RIDGECREST. Xavier is the elite leader of the Questers, having survived countless generations and never once fallen in battle... well, for more than a few days, tops.

Xavier leads his newly reformed Questers in the image of the old Questers he once led 10 years ago. His hope, and his dream, is to recover the glory of those old days by once again setting out into the universe, and destroying evil in the name of saving the world. Along the way though, he seems to have become somewhat amoral, and as such has no qualms about attacking and destroying others if they get in his way. His Questers range from the original people who joined them before even Xavier, to the most recent recruits who have no clue what side they're really on or what is even going on.

Opposing these Questers is ILLIAN MACGREGOR, the Solarian Time-Priest of Alsa. He has come from his distant planet to once again "save" the world from "chaos". Despite being a cyborg who looks almost identical to Xavier, he could not be more different. Rather than attacking with dishware and ancient Earthling songs turned up to eardrum-destroyingly high levels, Illian prefers to brutally and efficiently end his foes with shotgun blasts. He does this for one reason--he fights "evil". Or at least, what he considers evil. He does not waver in his dedication--all who stray away from the path of good into amoral dealings, Xavier included, must be killed. No one can convince him otherwise.

Illan works alone, for whatever reason. He threatens Xavier--and he makes it clear: He will destroy all who oppose him.

Your role, should you choose to accept it... is to aid Xavier in his war against the likes of Illian, defeating anyone who should be so totalitarian as to sacrifice freedom of choice for 'moral conscience.'

What's in this Document

This is the general system reference document for CONFRONTATION. Detailed here are the stats that make up the system and how they work. Using this document, you can make a character, either with a notepad-based text sheet, or by filling out the (eventually completed) online document. In any case, this document is meant to be a fairly complete reference of all you need to know to jump in and join the action of CONFRONTATION. Anything else is outside the scope of this document--and it is best to ask Metal_Man88 instead of looking for that information here.

What you should do if you have Questions

Naturally, this document cannot be entirely exhaustive. I cannot predict everything a new player wishes to know, and there is a great deal of past plot that cannot be properly logged. (It would be a full time job for no pay, to log things that rarely come up even in recent sessions.) There's also a lot of small things that I neglect here or there, because I'm just a small time hobbyist rather than a full-on professional game designer. So. If you need clarification, by all means, log on to and go to #supersmashrpg . In fact, go there first, because I can likely help you navigate this document far better than you might be able to do it entirely on your own.


Base Attributes

What these are For

The Base Attributes define your character's physical build and specialties. These stats are what makes the different from a bulky meatshield to the skinny spell-slinger to the weird in-between versions possible here. Each stat has a different focus (listed below), and it is important to understand what they do. Which stat you choose determines the best way for your character to defend themselves and attack others in battle.

What they are

HEALTH is the main stat used for your HP, or Hit Points. It also determines how fast you can recover them. It also determines how much equipment you can lug around, with equipment slots. It is one of the most basic stats, having few uses outside of that. But it is also one of the most important! At the end of the day, whether you live or die depends on whether you have enough HP to take another breath. Lose them all and... you're dead. End of story. Better hope someone can revive you...

ENERGY is used to generate your EP, or Energy Points. This energy is then used to empower your attacks, cast special spells, use the features of some weapons, or occasionally just warp reality itself. Your EP is very important, for without it, you are ultimately a mundane being. Depleting all of your EP deprives you of your ability to do supernatural enhancements to your moves--you are still a deadly, powerful being, but not the sort that can rip reality in two to prove a point...

POWER is the base of all damage from your attacks. You can destroy the enemy with raw power alone, in the right scenario. The ability to damage the enemy's defenses also comes from this statistic. Various and sundry ways to make your enemy miserable are powered by your power, and all who wish to utterly annihilate their foes ought to give thought to pooling their energy in this stat.

SKILL is the means to deliver the pain. It is your accuracy, but also your intelligence. Can you defeat your foe's defenses entirely? Do you have the means to learn new things? Do you easily master your abilities? The more Skill you have, the more different things you can do. While it is true that eggheads make bad combatants, they can often make up for it by mastering enough techniques and spells to make anyone who dares annoy them fall apart before they even get close enough to do damage.

RESIST is your defensive power. Can you block the attack? Can you just take the hit and shrug it off? All of this depends on your resist. Resist also determines your DR, which helps block out damage to your HP. While some heroes and villains ignore this stat entirely... needless to say, they end up paying for it in HP later. It would be ill advised to totally ignore this stat entirely.

AGILITY is your speed. It determines the rate you gain new Time Points, each of which lets you do an attack. Naturally, more Time Points allows you to attack more often. You can also dodge with this, which is crucial to reducing damage from moves that you can see coming. In any case, Agility is an indispensible thing to have, though like Resist, some people may simply not bother increasing it at all--though they pay a similar, if differently themed, price in HP for their foolishness.

What They Do







How to Assign Them


Pitfalls to Avoid

Min-maxing is tempting, but probably a bad idea. Any character deficient in Health, Energy, Resist, or Agility isn't going to last very long. Skill and Power are critical to actually being able to do damage--they can be reduced, but not by much. Without them your character just won't be able to do anything in battle.

Also, don't try to overly generalize your character--if you have no strengths and no weaknesses, you will probably have a boring time playing the character. Pick a personality and try to "Get Into" their mindset--don't just make a chunk of stats.

Don't try to make a character solely about winning battles either. The danger isn't that you will fail, but rather that you will become hated by most of the other characters in the game and eventually destroyed. That doesn't sound good, right? So don't do it.

Also, your epic insane backstory? It's just a detail. Don't expect anything from your backstory to "matter" here unless you have something that specifically "plays nice." By that I mean:

Note that very few stories actually fit this, so the rule is to not reference them ICly outside of your character talking about themself.

On that note, your backstory is not proven true just because you wrote it, so don't plan on getting praise for defeating several planets full of bandits unless you like the possibility that some of them survived and you are lying and now they want you dead. :D

Also, don't be a jerk in the channel or annoy people. But that goes without saying.


What these are For

The Perks define your character's special niche powers. What Base Attributes did for raw power, these do for unique sub-abilities. Can your character control time, alter reality, blow stuff up, or tear people apart? Well, you're in luck. This category also covers being able to live in harsh environments, move in myriad ways, and various sub-skill abilites not covered anywhere else. There's also Unique Perks, which help make your character unique. In total, this section is here to ensure that your character really IS your character--and not just another blank template.

What they Are

ENERGY Perks allow you to tap into the raw energy of the universe. Though they cost 5 Perk Points (which is steep, given you're given only 20 Perk Points to start with), they grant you a readily regenerated source of energy which can continually enhance your attacks... given you play along with the rules of each type of energy. Just be careful, since all forms of energy come with their drawbacks--many not listed here.

ABILITY Perks let you do things that are unique to you. Flying, swimming, living underwater, in outer space, seeing through walls.... all this and more. Whatever odd little thing it is you do, it's here. They're only 2 Perk Points and you're encouraged to buy as many as you feel are needed to represent your character.

UNIQUE Perks are, well, unique. You only get one per character. They represent a core mechanic that only your character has. Others who are related to your character may inherit or possess similar abilities, but they will never be exactly the same. Choose well, for these are not modified outside of if you made some dramatic mistake or your character has extremely changed for some reason.

How to get Them

You get 20 Perk points (PP) to start with. Each Ability Perk only costs 2 Perk Points, so feel free to stock up on as many as you want. Energy Perks are much more expensive, and require 5 Perk Points per level. Keep in mind, though, that you cannot buy all four different forms of Energy Perks--the cost for buying a type after the second type doubles, and you can only get more Perk Points very rarely in the form of GM rewards for interesting actions in sessions.

So basically, don't go trying to be a master of all the forces of the universe, and have some fun picking out a bunch of Ability Perks--because one way or another, you're only allowed to spend up to 10 Perk Points on Energy Perks.

Energy Perks

NameGenerally associated with
VoidMadness, insanity, disintegration, entropy, armageddon, black holes
SmashExplosions, fighting, victory, fate, over the top actions
TimeThe passage of time, order, logic, progression of reality, continuity
AlsaPoison, acid, hatred, darkness, spite, bitterness

Ability Perks

AffinityPick an element. You take 1.25x damage from its opposite, but .75x damage from it. GM determines what the element you are weak to is.
AquaticYou're able to move around in water without being slowed down.
AttunedPick a weapon type. You gain +1 to hit when using it, but -1 to hit with anything else, items included.
Binocular VisionSee out into the distance... and be effected twice as much by blindness!
BreathlessYou don't need air to breathe. That's pretty handy... in only a few situations.
ClimberYou can just climb straight up vertical surfaces. Take that, gravity! Note: Unlike flight, you DON'T get tired. That's right. Go climb Mt. Everest, I dare you.
Computer-MindConnect to computers with your mind! Beware: Computers can also connect to you if you're not careful!
CriminalYou're known as a criminal. Gains access to certain spheres you might not be able to normally access.
CyborgYou're part cyborg. So basically, you can be put back together if you die real easy, since part of you is just a bunch of bolts. Unfortunately, you're also weak to EMP and hacking.
FlightFly through the air--much like walking or running. Can and will tire you out if you go too far.
FuryWhen a foe really ticks you off, you lose control of what moves you use on them and get +2 to hit and +10 to damage! ...Then you sorta wear yourself out after 3 rounds and get -2 to hit, -10 to damage and -3 to successes in block and dodge.
GeniusWith great intelligence (the ability to innovate new items/equipment/tactics on the fly with a little thinking) comes great madness (only one in four of the things you make this way will actually help, and one in four of the time, will actually HINDER you).
HeftyYou're too heavy to throw around by casual attacks. Also too heavy to move if you should pass out or die... well, normally.
InterfaceYour body has a means to directly attach tools to it, gaining +1 to their use but also making it take 1 TP to remove the tool. It also requires 1 BP to "equip" a tool.
InvestigatorYou can figure out what happened in an area--well, if you look around. You find the clues--this perk does the rest.
LargeYou can't fit into small spaces, but you can pick up large things easier.
LevitationYou can float off the ground all the time, avoiding landmines and such, but wind and other conditions can knock you flying if you're not careful...
LinguistYou can understand any foreign language... at least, you can translate it. Cultural specifics could be an issue...
LiquibodyYour body isn't normal--it's some sort of material or liquid and you're distributed throughout it instead of having a discrete brain. Targeted attacks do not do any bonus damage to you, but getting below 25% health imparts a -1 penalty to all rolls and you deal half damage.
MusicianPick an instrument or other sort of musical device like singing. You can do it pretty well. Wonder what the use of this is, though...
OldschoolYou don't care for this new stuff in this new system. Back in your day, you just had four moves and you called it good. Each time you take this, you wield a Melee Move (or oldschool move from a past season, importable only by those who were here in the past and have past characters to port moves from)--at the cost of TWO move slots.
PacifistYou may choose to KO an enemy instead of lethally damaging them; furthermore you can make your attacks do nonlethal damage instead of lethal damage, whenever you choose.
Photographic MemoryYou remember EVERYTHING--if the GM wants you to remember a plot point and you keep forgetting it, well, you're in luck! You'll just magically remember it now!
PsychicYou can read people's minds... but doing so prevents you from dodging or blocking, and the wrong person's mind can actually drive YOU insane!
QuickdrawThat's right! Nobody can kill this Quirk! You can switch weapons once per round instantly! With a 10% chance of botching it and taking the full 1 TP instead, but still.
RepairmasterYou can repair items that break, though it still costs 1/2 the item's value in coins and some time to do so.
RoyaltyYou're known for your royal heritage. Gains access to certain spheres you might not be able to normally access.
SeekerYou can find one item per area. Warning: Item may not be useful, unless you have a good idea of what and where to look.
Sixth SenseSense something out of the normal spectrum, like magnetism or infrared.
SmallYou can fit into unusually small spaces.
SpellmasterYou can learn spells from stored runes or writings rather than requiring it be explicitly made to teach spells.
StealthyYou can sneak around endlessly. Too bad most of your teammates probably can't.
StoicAttacks that inflict status effects have a 50% chance of failing. As do positive status effects and healing.
StubbornMind control and slowly lethal effects have half effectiveness on you... as does any attempt to give you new skills or abilities via anything remotely similar to this!
SwimmingA simple means to move through the water. Assuming you can breathe and the water isn't too bad, you can do this for a while.
TaintedThe power of evil isn't so bad... you have evil or chaotic energy in your veins, allowing you to regenerate energy of your choice by doing crazy or evil things. (Doubles the regen if you already have a different energy perk going). However, the evil is bad for your health--each time you recover energy this way, you take 10% of your current health in damage!
TeleportationLike running, only you instantaneously move. Much like running, you can only teleport so far before wearing out.
Temperature ResistanceYou are immune to high and low temperatures.
TurnaboutEnemies that attack you can have their own attacks thrown in their faces if they miss you, but if you miss they can do the same back to you... payback sucks, doesn't it?
UbergeekYou can just use any computer you see, even alien ones, if you can decipher their language. Not that that means you'll succeed in doing much with it!
WrestlerOnce you have attacked an opponent with a melee unarmed attack, they get a chance to try and turn it around. If they succeed, they can negate your attack. But if they fail, you get a free hit in on them. This can continue with a bit of reversing sometimes, too, especially if BOTH of you have this!

Unique Perks

Some abilities are just... indescribable, or unpredictable. Every character in this game is special, so, rather than try to predict every single special ability, I've left this option open. You can simply specify almost ANYTHING, and it will be possible, assuming it isn't so strange, stupid, game breaking, disgusting, explicit or horrifying I have to deny it. Outside of that, though, almost anything goes. It has to also make sense, since... yeah. I can't give stats to a series of gibberish slammed on a page.

There's not much else to say here--this discussion is between the GM and the player, not something I can write down here and go "Read the guidelines"--because the last time I wrote guidelines, it just ended up creating junk.

Oh, and you can hold off on choosing a unique if you want. If your character is new, they may not even have a special gimmick yet.


What these are For

The Attacks are used for defeating your enemies. In a game about exploding people with lasers and superweapons, that means practically everyone. So, the attacks help define HOW you destroy your foes, rather than just blandly using some sort of pre-made attacks or wielding a weapon without any real "style" added. These are very important, as they do not just do damage, but can also be used to heal, buff yourself, heal others, or inflict status effects, depending on your character's Base Attributes.

How to use Them

Each attack takes one Time Point (TP) to use. Once your turn appears in battle, you get two TP. Choose an attack, then follow the numbers on it to use the attack. Attacks have a q(number) roll. So a q5 means you type q5 into the chat to use the attack. The roll is then q5, which stands for 5 d10. Which means 5 10-sided dice are rolled. Only rolls of 7 or higher count as "successes"--and each success is then used to determine whether or not you hit your target. The target may attempt to dodge or block--in which case, they too roll a q-roll. If your dice roll is higher than their roll, it always hits. If it matches their roll and they tried to dodge, it hits too. But if it matches a block, it misses. And it always misses if it is under their roll.

Standard Attacks

Standard attacks are your bread and butter. You get Skill/5 of them. They do various things based on your stats--and the GM assigns them to you, based on your request and your actual stats. In the end, these are the main attacks you use. They come with self-explanatory information on what they do--how they damage the enemy, how much damage they do, and so on.

It is up to you to use them wisely, and to pick attacks that make sense for your build. The GM will attempt to help you here, but in the end you can always end up picking moves that aren't going to really cut it without more power in other stats.

Energy Enhancements

Sometimes normal attacks just don't do it anymore. Luckily, those who have energy can make their attacks behave... differently. More EP means more power; refer to the tables below for details. Also, for energy you don't have from an Energy Perk (say, your normal EP), you can either use it to boost your rolls or cast spells--the specific boosts are noted below. Finally, you cannot stack multiple levels or types of energy enhancement on one attack.

5 EP
Alsan: Ignores foe's DR, +4 against block attemps.
Void: Mild randomness effects an attack attribute of your choice, positive or negatively.
Time: Doubles dodge or block roll. (Out of combat effect: React/move really fast or do another similar action for a short burst)
Smash: +15 damage.
Generic: +1 success to a roll.

10 EP
Alsan: Foe's DR and block are decreased. DR-10, -2 to their block. Lasts 2 rounds.
Void: Randomness that is more extreme causes your entire attack's stats to fluctuate.
Time: Redirect the attack sent at you so it happens next round. (Out of combat effect: Slows down/stops things, depending on how fast they were going beforehand. In general, buys you time to react, more than 5 EP would.)
Smash: Causes a large explosion that threatens all enemies (and only enemies), also +20 damage.
Generic: +2 successes to a roll.

25 EP
Alsan: Disintegrates lesser foes, causes more severe status effects (-4 to all rolls for 2 rounds) to stronger ones.
Void: Rips a hole in reality. Effects intentionally not described here--too random to predict.
Time: Attack instantly hits and costs no TP.
Smash: Team up with an ally; they get a free attack in and your combined attacks deal even more damage than they would alone.
Generic: +3 successes to a roll.

Spells and How to Get Them

Spells act as a replacement for the attacks you get. To get some spells, you have to give up an attack slot. For each attack slot you give up, you can gain either 3 Basic spells, 2 Intermediate Spells, or 1 Advanced Spell. As you continue to gain attack slots over time, you can continue gaining more spells this way, or simply only use a few. It's up to you.

Spell List

Basic Spells
BangAn explosion blasts three targets for Power/2 damage.8
BarrierA barrier halves damage of physical attacks sent at you for Energy/12 rounds by the target.10
BartaA ray of ice flows across the ground, chilling enemies for Power/2 ice damage.10
Baton TossYou switch places in turn order with an ally of choice.10
FireThe target is engulfed in flames for Power/2 fire damage.10
GajA bolt of energy blasts one robotic target for Power damage. (Varying effectiveness on cybernetic enemies)10
QuaAn Earthquake which threatens all enemies hurts the targets for 2 * ENG/10 earth damage.10
SonicboomA projectile of sound energy damages the target for 30 damage, regardless of any damage-reducing abilities.14
Sword's DanceThree spinning swords increase your next non-magical attack's to-hit and damage by Energy/2.15
TeleportYou instantly escape a battle or succeed a jump check.12
ThunderA bolt of electricity damages the target for Energy/2 electric damage.10
WhirlA whirlwind hits the enemy for Energy/2 wind damage.10
EleA level one spell that deals 10 damage based on the element you wish it to be based on.10
ConfusionA light which has a 50% chance of making the target go insane. (Status effect)15
Minor HealMinorly heals target for 15 HP.10
RejoinWarps you directly to where the group is, can be any member of your group, but limits distance to 30 feet.15
TelepathyAllows you to communicate one line of text to anyone you know in the dimension you are in.6
WallBlocks (Energy/10 * 3) damage from the target.10
TelekineticHurl up to a 15 lb object at will.8
Intermediate Spells
ElementA level two spell which deals elemental damage of your choosing. 25 damage.15
DistractionAverts the attention of those who fail a DC (Energy/10) check.18
TranslateTranslates stuff from other languages.15
ActivateTurns on dead machinery, if it has a power source.18
DisarmDisables enemy's weapon if they fail opposed will checks.10
KinesisObtain any 100 pound or lighter object immediately.10
CureRestore 30 HP.10
Stave DeathGrants target one more turn even if they are hit with a fatal blow.30
ShieldProtects against up to 30 damage with an orb. Even blocks poison gas.20
AeroblastA canonball of wind blasts the enemy for Power wind damage.30
AgilityYou concentrate on increasing your speed, adding Energy/10 to your dodge roll for one round.35
Another GateTwo dimensional portals are opened beside your target. They must roll an Skill check; they take 10((maximum possible roll) - (current roll)) damage.38
BioA blob of poison explodes on the target, dealing Power damage and poisoning them.30
Combination SpelYou can cast two spells mixed together on your next action.20
CuraA white light cures the target of Power*1.5 damage.30
DisableA random non-magic attack of the enemy is disabled for three rounds.33
EsunaA white mist cures the target of all status effects, good or bad.18
HasteThe target gains Agility/25 extra actions per round for 3 rounds.40
FiraThe target is burnt by an inferno for Power fire damage.30
GenA powerful blast of green energy blasts a non-sentient monster for Power*3 damage.40
GiBartaA beam of ice flies into the target, dealing Power ice damage.30
GiGajA strong bolt of energy fries a robotic target for Power*3 damage.30
GiGraA large black hole crushes the target, removing 12.5% of their current HP. (More damage (perhaps 25%) if they are a 'common enemy', e.g. Goomba)20
GiQuaA massive Earthquake which threatens all enemies hurts the targets for Power Earth damage.30
MultibounceYou are able to jump on the heads of all of your enemies once, dealing Power damage to each of them.6
ReflectA magical barrier reflects Energy/10 magic attacks sent at you back to the sender.30
Star RainA rain of nonelemental energy hits all enemies for Power/2 damage.30
SwiftVarious nonelemental homing stars instantly hit an enemy for Power damage, regardless of defenses.30
ShieldA magical shield halves damage taken from magical attacks for three rounds by the target.30
ThundaraA lightning bolt zaps the target for Power*2 electric damage.30
Advanced Spells
Dire ElementDeals 50 damage of elementalness of your choice.100
DisguiseAssume existence of another person's appearance for an hour.30
UnderstandRead information into mind about targeted object. Accuracy very high.50
ControlMove any object the size of a house or smaller.30
Super WallProtect target from all damage for one round.30
Dimension HoleRip a hole in reality, which will seal itself after doing a dire random effect.100
PanelActivate, repair, and power almost any machine of choice.50
HealingRestores 50 HP.100
DetrapDestroys any traps in the room.30
AlterChange the appearance of anything within reason instantly.50
HistoryKnow the history of whatever you point at.50
CopyMake it possible to copy the enemy's special attack style as a special skill.100
Time FreezeStop time for a round. Only stops for you.30
Chaos ControlYou use the power of chaos to slow down time, allowing you to do two round's worth of actions in this one; however, you cannot stack this spell, and you are unable to attack on that next round, seeing as you did it already.100
CometDeadly nonelemental comets rain down on two targets, dealing Power*3 damage.50
CuragaA white light cures the target of all damage.50
DispellThe target is instantly sealed for Energy/10 rounds, disabling their magic. (Note: Some enemies are too powerful to keep sealed for longer than 3 rounds.)70
FiragaA deadly pillar of fire incincerates the enemy for Power*3 fire damage.50
FlareA thermonuclear blast of nonelemental energy annihilates the enemy for Power*3 damage.80
HolyImmense holy energy smites the enemy for Power*4 damage.100
MegaMagicAll of your EP is sacrificed to deal extreme damage to the enemy. It takes one turn to charge, and deals EP * 5 damage.ALL
MegidAn extremely powerful explosion of evil energy explodes all nearby enemies for Power*2 dark damage.100
NaBartaAn explosion of ice surrounds you, instantly freezing and dealing Power*1.5 ice damage to all nearby enemies.50
NaGajAn extremely powerful bolt of energy annihilates a robotic target for Power*4 mod damage.70
NaGraAn area-wide black hole removes 25% of the current HP of all nearby enemies, or can be used to remove 35% from one target.60
NaQuaA gigantic, town-destroying earthquake shreds all nearby enemies for Power*1.5 earth damage.70
Naryu's LoveThe love of a powerful goddess protects you from all types of damage for three rounds.100
Power BounceYou become able to relentlessly leap on the head of the enemy Skill/10 times, dealing Power/5 every hit. (Can be blocked by DR)60
PsychicImmense psychic energy shreds the minds of all foes, IF you posess superior intellect. Opposed Skill checks against all enemies. The one with the lower roll takes 20 * the difference in their Skill checks.66
SaGenA large, powerful blast of green energy blasts all non-sentient monster enemies for Power*3 damage.60
Solar BeamYou charge up the power of the sun for one action, then unleash the fury of (Daylight modifier)(Power*3) earth and fire damage. Warning: Will not work very well without bright sun.50
ThundagaA powerful lightning bolt fries the target for Power*3 electric damage and paralyzes the enemy.50
WallYou are granted an extremely powerful wall, which halves the damage of both magic and physical attacks for 6 rounds.100
Salsa No BuenoFire deadly poisonous hot sauce into the enemy's eyes, poisoning them and reducing all their rolls by Power/10 for Energy/20 rounds.75
DeathrayInstantly annihilate lesser targets; those who are tougher must roll a Resist/10 check against your accuracy roll to resist utter annihilation.175
Soul EaterOpposed Energy checks; if you succeed, you absorb the enemy's EP and gain (their Energy/10) bonus to your magic attacks' effectiveness.80


What these are for

The Weapons add on to pre-existing attacks. Oh, but they don't do so in a boring, normal way. No, they usually have their own souped up attributes, which you simply will not find on any vanilla attack. Without a weapon, you're restricted to fairly simple attacks. Even those who use magic usually have at least one weapon, so as to assist themselves in dealing damage when they are low on spells. With that in mind... these are the tools that you'll be using to help diversify your mayhem in this game.

How to get them

You start with two level 1 weapons. They have to be different, of course. You can also find them laying around or on enemies. Special weapons also exist, if you look hard enough...

What they Are

SHOTGUNS impart the ability to hit everything in close range with you at once with an attack.
SNIPERS impart the ability to hit targets up to two miles away with your attack.
SWORDS slice the enemy up, often causing them to flinch or be stunned.
HAMMERS smash the enemy flat, breaking their equipment.
CANNONS overwhelm the enemy with a huge blast that overcomes all defenses except outright dodging.
STUNNERS nonlethally incapacitate enemies for capture, humane relocation, or simple defeat.
MACHINEGUNS allow for more attacks at the cost of accuracy.
PISTOLS allow for controlled shots that can, in the right hands, deal far more damage than normal.
LANCES allow enemies to be stabbed and prevented from dodging away.
EXPLOSIVES do not know friend from foe and turn entire parts of the battlefield into deathly shrapnel.
THROWERS fly into the enemy from afar, often distracting them from what they are doing.
DAGGERS rip into the enemy's guts, causing them to bleed out.
AXES tend to keep on going after slicing their first victim to pieces.
CROSSBOWS nail their targets in place.
WANDS make it easier to warp the laws of reality in very specific ways.
CRYSTALS act as a more general focus for magic, though with less impact.
ARTIFACTS have a mind of their own and will only do one specific attack.
GLOVES can be used to grab the enemy or send them flying.
DISCS slice through everything in their path.
SCYTHES pry off enemy equipment with their wickedly curved points.
SABERS allow for incredibly fast and precise attacks.
STAVES can block incoming attacks just as well as they improve your own.

Their Abilities

TypeLevel 1Level 2


One Attack. Each artifact does one attack, and does it well.
Powerful Attack. The attack deals more damage.
Special Attack. The attack does another status effect or unique ability.
Passive Power. The artifact enhances the power of the carrier based on what it does.


Cleave. Gain another attack upon killing an enemy.
Overpower. The axe deals 10 more damage for every 1 over enemy DV, up to +30 damage.
Defending. The axe adds +3 to block against melee attacks.
Energized. The axe deals 10 damage in an element type, and on a hit that has a 10 in it, a status effect.


Blast. Ignores DR and adds +2 to acc against block attempts.
Charge. The cannon can be charged to multiply attack damage by 2.5x.
Hyper. The cannon can fire immediately at 3x, but at the cost of half the damage being dealt to the wielder.
Spread. The cannon can now threaten 3 targets at once.


Impale. Reduces target's dodge by 1 for each hit made, lasting 1 round each.
Multishot. The crossbow can do another shot for every 30 Agility you have.
Blinding. A shot to the eyes can cause -3 to accuracy for the enemy for 2 rounds, but you make the attack at -3 to hit.
Barbed. Each hit now reduces target's dodge by 2.


Conservation. Reduces EP cost of spells by 30%.
Thrift. Reduces EP cost by 50% now.
Energy. Has its own energy source as if it is an Energy Perk. Pick one type for it to represent.
Field. EP can be spent to create a field around you (this is a 1 TP action)--the field will nullify one attack, and if the attack is below (EP spent on field) in damage, it will fail to break your field. The field lasts 1 round.


Bleed. Enemy loses 5 more HP one round after each stab.
Swiftness. For every 35 agility, do one more attack with daggers.
Throw. Daggers can be thrown to pin enemies in place for one round (if they hit), also allowing you to hit targets up to 10 feet away.
Butcher. Bleed damage is now 20.


Pierce. Hits all enemies in a straight line and ignores half their DR.
Returning. Comes back around and attacks enemy at accuracy -2 if the first one misses.
Homing. Initial attack has +4 against dodge.
Spinning. 50% chance of rebounding into an adjacent enemy every time it hits something. (Can continue to rack up chains of hits.)


Explosion. Hits everyone not behind cover or 15 feet away from impact site.
Controlled. Damage can be made to hit directionally--depending on which way it is facing.
Sticky. Attack sticks to one enemy, and goes off on the next person's turn rather than immediately.
Megasplode. Attack threatens everyone, even those behind cover, and throws objects near it around.


Grip. Attack can be used to send enemy flying into nearby objects, down pits, or otherwise wrestled for various effects.
Defender. +3 to block, can be used to block attacks in general.
Grabber. Can attack during an enemy's turn to try and grab their weapon (if in melee range) and wrestle it away from them (opposed Power checks needed.)
Pugilism. +10 damage to close-range attacks.


Destruction. Destroys or damages a piece of equipment on the enemy on every hit that has 2 above their defense roll.
Shockwave. Reduces block and dodge of nearby enemies by 1 when you miss your target.
Brutalize. Damages enemy's DR by 10 for one round if you hit 2 over their DV.
Displace. Knocks enemy backwards and onto the ground, removing 1 of their TP and pushing them away.


Stick. Allows you to lower your dodge roll by 2 in order to prevent enemy from moving away and reducing their own dodge by 3.
Pry. Breaks open armor, eliminating its ability to add to DR, in place of dealing damage.
Throw. Attack impales target, dealing 15 more damage and reducing all their rolls by 1 until the lance is removed. Removing lance takes 1 TP.
Swipe. Attack threatens up to 3 targets adjacent to you.


Onslaught. Can do another attack at -3 accuracy.
Burst. Attack deals 5 more damage and gains +1 to accuracy.
Machinegun. Attacks gain 'Machinegun' attribute.
Spew. Attacks can now be split (damage also split as a result) to hit up to 3 more targets.


Precision. If you roll 3 above an enemy's defense roll, deal double damage to them.
Steady. Spend 2 TP to double your accuracy.
Blast. Attack has half accuracy and double damage.
Reload. You must reload after two attacks, but your attacks deal 1.5x more damage and 1.5x more accuracy.


Speed. Attack is +2 more accurate.
Stun. Attack reduces enemy's next attack's accuracy by 2.
Stab. Attack deals 10 more damage.
Whack. Use blunt end of weapon; deals no damage, but reduces enemy's TP by 1.


Disarm. A successful hit at +1 above enemy's DV can knock off one of their equipment pieces.
Carve. Reduces enemy's damage by 10 for one round.
Hook. Enemy is stuck to the scythe and cannot escape from you without winning opposed strength checks.
Communism. If the enemy has more coins than you, they lose those additional coins, and the coins are spilled all over the floor.


Spray. Everything withn 5 feet of you is hit by the attack you make.
Slug. Concentrate attack to deal 3x damage, but requires reloading for a round afterwards.
Oomph. Attack throws enemy backwards.
Chemical. Attack burns, freezes, or otherwise stuns enemy, lowering their block by 2 and DR by 10 for a round.


Distance. Can target anything up to half a mile away with your attacks.
Long Distance. Can target any foe up to 2 miles away with your attack
Railshot. Attacks pierce DR, but require a reload after every shot.
Disable. Disable an enemy's limb with a successful shot at -2 accuracy.


Block. Adds +2 to block when equipped, against other melee attacks.
Reach. +2 to accuracy on melee attacks.
Wall. Block is increased by +4 instead against melee attacks.
Tornado. Attack threatens every enemy adjacent to you. Even behind you.


Daze. Damage dealt is nonlethal with this equipped.
Paralyze. Enemy loses -1 to accuracy, dodge, and block when hit.
Knockout. Enemy may be KO'd if they fail a resistance check when under 50% HP and hit 2 over their DV with this.
Electro. Shorts out enemy gadgets and magic items on a hit, disabling them all for a round on a hit 1 over their DV.


Flinch. Any hit 3 over enemy's DV causes one of their TP to go away.
Parry. Can counter attack (using 1 of your TP) against other melee items. If you beat their attack, you hit them. If you equal it, neither of you hit. If you fail, you are disarmed and also hit as usual.
Curved. Grooved blade slides across enemy for extra damage; +5 to damage for every 1 over enemy DV, up to 25.
Hooked. Blade rips through enemy, causing 10 bleed for every 2 over their DV when you hit.


Distraction. Enemy's attacks are -1 to accuracy for each hit, lasts for the next attack the enemy does.
Steal. Item grabs another item from enemy and takes it back, on a successful hit 2 above their DV.
Force. Knocks enemy over, taking 1 of their TP away.
Stick. Sticks to enemy, distracting them and reducing their attack by a further 2 accuracy.


Focus. Pick one energy type--that energy type costs 50% less to use.
Charge. Can cast a spell of low level 100 times or mid level 50 times. Buy again to refill the charge.
Lens. Spells of the type of this wand deal 25% more effect.
Synergy. Every 10 Energy you have increases the power of your spells by 5%.

How to Upgrade

In order to upgrade a weapon, you must find the proper smith or manufacturer or wizard. Then, you must present (next level * 100) coins to upgrade it. Optionally, you may use certain materials you have found to add a unique twist to the upgrade--be it some special ability or twist that's not in the list, or simply to make it cheaper (depending on the 'used item.') Each weapon only can have one ability from each of its tiers, so choose wisely as to which ability you pick--the other ones are locked off forever.

You always get the specialization of the first level with all weapons. With the second level and beyond, you must pick one of the specializations from the list. You get that specialization and not the other ones, while keeping the ones from the previous levels that you picked previously. Also, if any specializations from different levels effect the same stat, they stack.


What these are for

The Armors are used to keep you alive for longer than 25.3 seconds. Battles are lethal, and a totally unarmored opponent can be utterly destroyed in about two-three rounds if they are up against the wrong sort of enemy. Armor is there to give you a chance to react, and to help overcome foes that would usually utterly destroy you with their overwhelming damage output. So don't skimp--you'll find yourself regretting it quickly.

What they Are

PLATE increases your DR, and blocks incoming attacks by getting in the way and being incredibly tough.

BOOSTERS aid your dodging ability, rendering you more mobile.

BUFFERS boost your HP and take hits entirely for you.

What they Do

Each individual piece of equipment has abilities based on its level. All of them have their level 1 abilities. As they level up, though, they start to change. Each time the equipment is leveled up, it gains ONE of the three possibile abilities listed in the box under the relevant level. So for example, a Level 2 Plate would get the Level 1 ability (DR + 5) but could only have ONE of the three abilities for Level 2 added on. So it could have Block +1 OR Immunity to a Specific element, but not BOTH. This continues as it levels up--each one only gets ONE of the abilities under each level.

TypeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4


DR +5
DR +5
Block +1
Immunity to a specific element
DR +10
Block +2
Immunity to two more elements
DR +20
Block +4
Immunity to an entire class of attacks (Melee attacks, Ranged attacks, energy attacks, etc)


Dodge +1
Dodge +1
+1 to init and Accuracy
Dodge +2
+2 to init and Accuracy, +1 to dodge
Powered Flight
Dodge +4
+4 to init and Accuracy, +2 to dodge


HP +25
HP +25
Absorb one element
Deflector (blocked attacks richochet off of field)
HP +50
Absorb two more elements
Damaging Field (Deals its 10% of its current HP to anyone who touches it)
HP +100, regenerates 10% of max health every round
Absorbs 10% of damage from all attacks
Explosion Wave (Dispels field but deals its current damage to everyone in range)

How to Upgrade

Smiths and shops can add levels to items. Changing the type is much more tricky and not recommended; it usually costs more than a new piece. It only makes sense if you have a Unique Ability-equipped piece of armor, which are rare and have specific rules that aren't noted here. (Each piece of Unique Armor behaves uniquely, so it would be a fool's errand to list them all ahead of time.) Usually it costs a bunch of coins to upgrade, ranging based on economic conditions of the shop and yourself, usually it is possible to upgrade as long as you have a decent amount of coins to your name.


What these are For

A very specific niche, the other Equipment you encounter is a series of bits and bobs that make your character able to address very specific challenges. Be it some sort of item radar, or disguise badge, or other miscellaneous tool, the Equipment slots on your character can come in handy in some rather specific situations. It's important not to forget about these little things.

How to Equip Them

Equipment uses Equipment slots, which are determined by Health/5. Each slot is another notch on your metaphorical belt, allowing you to fit more and more gadgetry and objects on your person. It generally reflects your overall girth, although some perks allow you to forego the health in favor of only obtaining the slots, should you wish to be a low-HP badge-throwing maniac.

What they Are

ARTIFACTS enable you to cast spells, and may slightly change your stats. They tend to be somewhat unique and so, the number of slots varies wildly.

BADGES modify your statistics and give you small sub-abilities (often perk-like) in exchange for consuming a proportional amount of equipment slots. They cost BP * 10 coints.

GADGETS are small, often computerized objects that do singular purposes (and thus, only take up one slot.) They can sometimes be found combined together into one, multiple-slot based object. They often scan things, read data, unlock doors, and more. They cost 10 coins each.

What they do


Tend to be defined on a per-artifact basis. Not listed in any table here.

NameDescBP Required
All or NothingDoubles the damage of an attack when activated, but 50% chance of attack auto-failing.3
Angry Skull+1 to hit with all attack rolls.6
Awareness EnhancerBe notified of strange occurrences whenever they happen in the field. (Please note if you have this badge at start of session.)2
BP ConverterConverts all extra badge points into extra HP; gain 15 more HP for every remaining point of BP.3
Coin PunchEnables you to sacrifice 10 coins for 100 damage, should you be able to hit.3
Damage DodgeOnce per session, you can dodge an attack that is sent at you unconditionally. Must be called before attack is rolled.4
DoublerGain a double, who attacks just like you. Your HP increases 1.5x and is split between you and your double. Both of you can be hit at once, naturally.13
Extend-o-gloveYou can reach up to 15 feet away to pick up items laying on the field.3
Goldeneye+1 to accuracy with all ranged weapons, -1 to accuracy with all melee attacks.2
Hawk EyeSee in the dark, see far into the distance--see all sorts of things.3
Item EncyclopediaCheck any item you want, any time, to find out what it does.3
Last StandWhen at 10% max HP, dodge and block +2, DR +5, attack +2, damage 1.5x.3
Lucky DayAttacks have a 1-in-50 chance of missing you. You must roll the d50 every time to check--on a 50, the attack misses.2
Lucky StartYou have a 1-in-20 chance of gaining full HP and EP healing and an extra TP at the start of every battle. You must roll the d20.2
Magic MirrorAllows access to the Dark World.2
Money MoneyDoubles all coins earned.6
Moon PearlAllows safe passage through the Dark World.2
Move ExpanderGrants user 2 extra attacks.2
Ohoracle BadgeEvery punch attack that connects heals half its damage in health to you.4
Pay-OffGain 1 coin every time you're hit.3
P-Down, D-UpAttacks deal half damage, but DR is doubled.4
P-up, D-DownAttacks deal double damage, but DR, accuracy and block are halved.4
PsychosisWhen activated, all accuracy and damage rolls are doubled against one target, but you lose your ability to dodge, use spells or heal yourself for the rest of the battle.3
Quester BadgeAllows the user to wield a melee move. They come in all the melee moves that exist, but you have to find the right one...3
Rainbow RodMultiplies damage by 3x, with the risk of the rod catastrophically exploding and dealing 100 damage to you as a 1-in-3 chance every time you attack.3
Rainbow Rock10% more damage with all magical attacks.3
Revenge BadgeGain +1 to accuracy when attacking the last enemy that hit you with an attack.2
Salvage BadgeAllows you to recover enemy items, even broken ones, once per session.3
Silly DiceAdds d6 damage to each hit you make.4
Shell DefenseGain +10 DR.6
Spike BadgeHit spiked/electrified/contact damage enemies without taking damage.3
SwitzerlandStatus effects as well as status buffs do not effect you.4
Strange SackGain an extra item at the start of every session.3
TransformerBecome another character entirely on command!12
Zap TapDeal 5 electrical damage to anyone who touches you.3
Zora BreatherBreathe underwater, even if you normally can't.3
BullhornIn case you don't like talking to people the sane way.
CommunicatorCommunicate with your buddies, assuming they have one of these too.
ComputerUsed to interface with computer systems or just run random programs. Also useful if you have Digimon.
DefibrillatorRestart the hearts of people, or just electrocute annoying equipment.
Ear-Scope-ThingyGood for listening to people breathe, or to safes... wait a minute, what's this about safes?
FastscanScans enemies much faster than a Smash Dex, but only discovers HP and DR. 0 TP, works for free on one enemy per round.
Gas MaskFilters out noxious atmospheres. Famously used on Genetia.
GogglesThey don't do anything... ...OR DO THEY??? May be of use at high speeds or underwater.
Hearing ProtectorsMight be useful in a few niche cases.
Laser PointerCan be used to target with some items/weapons.
LighterGot a light? Good for... uhhhh... starting fires.
LockpicksHelps with both electronic and mechanical locks. How nifty!
FlaskEspecially optimized for transporting liquids, both those you find and those you might want to buy.
MagnetbootsLets you walk on metal objects in space, or up the side of steep ones on the ground. Or on the outside of airplanes. Or...
MapperFigures out where you are and presents a small map on demand.
MegascanFinds more in-depth information, but requires more TP. 2 TP to use.
OmnilightLights up entire areas. Can also see through smoke and fog.
Piton GunClimb large distances in moments.
Radar GunNot sure why you want to measure the speed of things, but... go ahead.
RecorderRecords about 1 TB of digital information. Video, sound, computer data, it all works.
Smash DexScans enemies and other things. Often very basic. 1 TP to use.
Space HelmetAllows you to live in space... assuming you have an air tank.
StretcherMagic of technology makes moving people meticulously easy.
Time MachineTells you what realm, dimension, time, what have you, you are in.
TranslatorTranslates all languages into English.


What these are for

Ever need to just explode low level enemies? Don't want to waste energy casting healing spells on yourself? Need a quick getaway? Items are there to do all the little things you can't be bothered to do the hard way by yourself. Buy the items that you need, before you need them--an adventurer without some means of healing or reviving themself may find themselves in a dire fate very quickly, if they aren't careful.

How to get Them

Items are provided at the start of every session by the organization you work with. However, how many you get depends on some factors. First, the difficulty. Difficult missions will allot you more items, while easier ones will give you fewer. Second, the type of items varies between factions. You'll likely get more healing and utility items if you work for Illian, while Xavier tends to favor explody items and weird things left over from years past. If you happen to have the favor of a third party faction, they may covertly slip you some of their items in return for what you'd normally get item-wise from your faction.

In any case, unless you're really hard up for items, you need not ever buy them with your hard-earned coins.


HEALING ITEMS make your wounds and illnesses go away.

ATTACK ITEMS make your foes feel the pain and often do very specific attacks.

TOOLS are limited use devices that often remove obstacles from your path or fix equipment.

What They Do

Each category has a number of items in it. Items used for attacking use your Skill to determine accuracy just like any attack does.

1-Up ShroomA rare delicacy, and yet, Mario seems to find so many of them hidden in levels.Revives a recently KO'd person to half HP.20
Able JuiceMmm... Tastes like apple juice!Cures bad status effects on one ally.3
Eggman SandwichA delicacy imported from Alsa.Heals half of your max HP.5
Golden AppleGrown somewhere special.Fully restores one Energy-type-specific energy.20
Green PotionA Zelda classic, this bubbly green juice will make you feel... magical.Replenishes 25 EP.3
Ivantek Magic VialIvan Robotnik's magic-giving energy will make you cast all kinds of things.Replenishes 50 EP.5
Ivantek Recovery VialIvan Robotnik's patented super-healing vial technology will make you feel better!Heals 100 HP.7
Kerokero ColaThe ultimate cola!This drink fully restores the party's HP.30
Lon Lon MilkYummy! Comes in both regular and chocolate!Restores 20% of your max HP. Two drinks per bottle.3
MushroomA standard healing mushroom, rather than the "Super" one.Heals 50 HP.4
Red PotionMmmm... Tastes like red milk.Restores half your max HP.5
StarpieceHarvested whenever meteor showers occur in mushroom fields.+100 EP.9
TrimateAn ancient, futuristic super-healing potion from far away.Fully heals you and removes all status effects. Usage of more than one per mission leads to addiction.13
BumperAn Smash favorite that really bounces people around.Hurl to instantly knock the opponent 50 feet away, should it hit.3
Dan Cheese DanishA bizarre danish from another dimension.Causes instant confusion to whoever it hits... with a catch. A d2 roll, however, when you take it out. If fail, you are confused instead. Must successfully hit with a throw too.4
Death SunglassesWhen worn, they act as normal sunglasses......But when thrown, they explode, damaging everyone (even allies) in the battle for an undodgable 10 damage!4
Disco Ball InfernoIt's a normal disco ball......But when thrown, it explodes, blinding everyone on the field! (-2 to accuracy to everyone for one round)4
Dizzy DialSo hypnotic!This dial has a 20% chance of reducing accuracy of all enemies by 1 for one round.5
Elemental CubeOak's elemental energy cubes are still useful even now.Throw for a guaranteed 10 damage of the element of your choice, should it hit. (Ignores DR)2
Fire ExtinguisherThis safe item puts out fires or deals damage.15% ice damage if it hits. 5 charges.5
Fire FlowerFlower power!This item summons three waves of fire at a time, dealing 10 damage each. +2 successes against attempts to block it.5
Madam Grunty's Official PowerswordWho needs a Master Sword when you can have a POWER sword?Used as a weapon. All hits with it deal 30 damage, no matter what--but it has a crippling -3 to accuracy and a 50% chance of breaking after every hit.3
Poison MushroomThis mushroom has gone bad...10 damage to an enemy and a 25% chance of dealing 10 damage to them on the next round.3
POW BlockCaution! To be used without adult supervision.Deals 20 damage to all ground enemies. +2 successes against attempts to dodge it.6
Crescent FruitAn uninviting, fuzzy, grey, tart fruit. It's surprisingly sweet too.Increases all rolls by +1, but reduces DR by half and adds 5 EP use to all attacks.4
Fury Materia Makes you as angry as the ancient Quester, Kinnin.Doubles the rate you can attack (4 TP per turn) but also causes all of said attacks to be targeted at random enemies, using random attacks--and no magic or special weapons can be used. Lasts until the end of battle.10
Madam Grunty's Official Mario HatMade with the best materials hunch-backed thugs can steal! ...Quality may vary.Reduces all effects of Energy-based attacks by half, but raises your maximum HP by 10% for up to three battles. It is consumed should you be defeated and lose all your HP.5
Metal BoxA magical ! block that is green, which makes you become like Metal Man in appearance.You cannot be knocked back, attacks deal 5 more damage, your DR is doubled, and it lasts for 2 rounds.10
Metal Cola The official soda of Metal Man, invented long before those wannabes in Team Fortress made theirs.This cola warps reality, allowing you to do d4-1 attacks for every attack you'd usually make, while also dealing 10 damage to you every time you attack.4
Mr. Saturn Iced CoffeeThe coffee of Saturn Valley. Don't even bother trying to ask what strange chemicals are in it.Makes you hyper (+1 TP per round) for the duration of an ENTIRE MISSION. However, makes you speak like a Mr. Saturn for that time, and you have a one in d4 chance of doing nothing but pushing around items on your turn.5
Piece of PowerThis tiny triangle was used by Link to succeed in a strange dream world. Now it's your turn to become powerful and succeed in a strange dream world.This increases all damage you do by 15% for five rounds (across multiple battles if need be.)15
Shovel ClawKnuckles' tools, used to find things buried underground.These sharp claws stay on your hands for ten rounds (cumulative between battles, and cannot be taken off without causing them to vanish) before disappearing. If used to attack a foe they deal 5 + Power damage, and if used to dig or climb you get a +3 bonus to your roll.4
Super SneakersSonic's trademark speed-up sneakers, contained inside the classic monitor they are usually found inside.These sneakers can only be used once, due to the breaking of the monitor required to equip them. It adds +3 to dodge and puts you first in the order lineup and lasts for three rounds. Makes you really fast at running out of battle for a minute.7
Super Wolfman Chocolate MilkWolfman's Final Smash alternative, based on a special brand of Chateau Cremia milk from Termina. Once incredibly rare, but now rather common due to Metal Man messing up time itself.Doubles stats, but disables all equipment and allies (armor, weapons, etc) for one round.20
Teddy BearTheodore Roosevelt's namesake toy can do more than simply look cute.Half of the damage you'd normally take is dealt to this bear, which has 50 HP. When at 50+ damage, it is ripped apart.5
Air TankAn old, inexplicably persistent Quester item, often used in the weirdest of places.Gives an hour's worth of air.5
C-4Despite the advent of better door materials than steel, this is still a popular demolition device.Blow up enemies and doors alike with this--causes huge amounts of damage to anyone exposed to it.30
Cell PhoneQuesters never really got 'real' cell phones, possibly because they began Questing long before cell phones were ubuiqitous. These disposable models are the only ones they generally have.Allows you to call up the store from anywhere and buy up to 5 items.3
Door Opener 3000Ivan Robotnik's patented door-opening invention.Tired of locked doors? With this handy-dandy ring, they open! 3 uses.10
Duct TapeIt's the handy-dandy fix-all that everybody knows and loves!Fix a broken item or add another use to a limited-use item, or fix equipment. 5 uses.5
EMP GrenadeAn old Quester standby, used to turn off enemy robots and disrupt enemy machines in general.Disables all electronic devices for one round when used.7
Item TeleporterZAP! This strange remote can move a lot of mass.Move one item to you or to a location away from you in seconds.4
Molecular PillA strangely glowing pill, of a red color.Yet another weird item... allows you to walk on top of liquids. It also causes you to occasionally walk through walls... use with caution.3
SmokebombYou, too can be a ninja, with these patented smoke capsules!Escape from bad situations.5
Wilt ShroomAn ancient, wilted mushroom, that is gray in color.Perfect for chucking at cars on the freeway.1

Allies and Pets

What these are For

Not all combatants choose to go it alone. Some would rather lead a small army of robots, or flunkies. Others choose to have loyal pets or monsters that follow their commands. For those people, this section helps explain the mechanics and how to get along in a game that usually involves people fighting directly with the most direct sort of strategies you'll ever see.

How to get them

Allies have various methods, but generally they are assigned at creation. Of note, the Pokemon ally generally means you must give up attacking any other way than using pokemon; otherwise you will be distracted or even compelled to aid your pokemon yourself, which for whatever reason will break the mystical thing that causes pokemon to selflessly defend their masters. There are exceptions, but these exceptions are generally pokemon who behave more like Mercenaries or allies than pokemon--and as a result they don't follow orders like normal pokemon.

Mercenaries are hired rather than assigned. Naturally, they are loyal to coins, not to you. They also get some of your EXP. You probably don't want them unless you're more invested in winning than you are in earning anything for it.

What they Are

POKEMON are the ubiquitous pocket critters that are used by the trainers in Kanto and elsewhere. You can have up to 6 of them at a time, however using them in a normal battle means you must stay outside of the battle so as to properly direct them. You can only use one at a time, unless you're the only one there and are outnumbered--then you can use up to three at a time. For some odd reason, the mental strain of directing these beings is so great, that being defeated will cause you to faint.

DIGIMON are the digital beings that populate the internet. Unlike Pokemon, Digimon trainers only have one and tend to stay with them. Unlike Pokemon, they act as familiars. They share actions with you and may even synergize to give greater bonuses.

MERCENARIES are others like yourself. They work for pay and add to your numbers, but tend to think for themselves and may even betray you if you're not careful. But on the flip side, they can turn a hard encounter into an easy one, with the right plan anyway.

OTHER types exist, though these are usually defined as necessary rather than being all written here--since not too many people have pets/allies.


What these are For

The world of Confrontation is huge, and walking is way too slow. Many enemy factions possess really huge ships and could choose at any time to just blow you up with them. It's best that at least one person in your group have one of these Vehicles handy, in case an adventure gets out of hand and everybody has to get off the planet before it explodes... and that's one of the easier scenarios that involve vehicles!

How to Get Them

Generally the only way to get a vehicle is to either amass the vast amount of coins to have one (hard to do), steal one (easy, but potentially dangerous, and limited vehicle selection), or be given one by your organization (often comes with a lot of restrictions). It's up to you whether you even get a vehicle, but if you do, just keep in mind you have to earn it--stealing a vehicle will involve more than just taking off with one.

What Types Exist

FLYING vehicles move through the air, or space, or both. Generally the more specialized they are, the better they are at what they do. A generic vehicle might fly through any kind of medium, but odds are it will be outgunned or outsped by more specialized equipment. These vehicles are the most expensive, as flight requires full 3-dimensional movement plus continual propulsion.

SWIMMING vehicles have less work to do; they are natually buoyant and don't need to constantly operate to stay afloat (usually.) They also are rather unlikely to come up outside of sea missions. They're rather cheap, because if you actually get one, odds are you're not using it very often.

DRIVING vehicles move on surfaces. Of course, you might drive one in outer space, if it's atop a surface that exists there, but realistically you're only driving on the surface of planets. The price depends on how it drives and what it drives in. Naturally, a sports car won't be the best thing to take off-road, and you wouldn't want to ride a tank down a city street.